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About Us

History of North Aldercroft Assoc, Inc.

In the late 1800s, North Aldercroft Heights was part of a large ranch owned by the Stewart family (Panorama Heights was called Stewart Ranch). In the early 1900’s, Art and Effie Walton bought most of the land below the Stewart ranch house and farmed the prune and apricot orchards of the area. In the 1920’s, the Waltons' sub-divided a portion of their property into small lots on Roads One and Two, that were later named Laurel and Locust. The first summer cottage was built by S.S. Cook on Road Two on a lot he purchased for $90. The house still stands at 17425 Locust Dr.  Many of our homes, built in the 1940s, share the same cottage structure.

Early on, a road improvement association, comprised of 2-3 members, formed out of a need to organize the collection of funds to maintain the roads and surrounding area that could not be included under Santa Clara County jurisdiction due to the steepness and narrowness of the road grade.


The North Aldercroft Association, Inc. was incorporated on August 10, 1967, having previously operated as the unincorporated group known as the Locust Road Association. The bylaws of the Corporation have been amended over the years, and the current North Aldercroft Association, Inc. Amended Bylaws are included in the Members Only section of the website for your information and review.

Road Board

General Description

The North Aldercroft Association, Inc. Road Board is comprised of a group of 5-7 volunteers.   Board Member roles include a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Road Manager.   The Road Association also employs a bookkeeper.   The Road Board meets at least 4 times annually, and more frequently when urgent matters arise.  Board Members are elected and confirmed by the Membership at the Annual Members Meeting held each summer. 

Purpose and Function

The purpose and function of the Road Board is to:

1) Successfully manage a current annual budget of $75,000 to preserve, maintain and improve the road system, providing safe, reliable, and continuous access for residents, service providers and emergency vehicles.

2) Hold Board meetings to make assessments of road conditions and contract companies or individuals to do the maintenance and repair.

3) With the help of a Bookkeeper, collect dues from its membership to fund the necessary projects and maintenance.

4) Host annual meetings, open to the membership, to review the year's projects and expenses, present upcoming year's projects and budget, hear comments and suggestions, and elect officers to the Board.


Major Improvements

In addition to annual maintenance projects such as weed and brush clearing and hazardous tree removal, the Road Board schedules the completion of major improvement projects when needed.  The following major projects were completed between 2015 and 2020:

  • Locust Drive near the "Sasseen Wall":  Major culvert replacement, fencing, and the addition of peers, beams and pins - $36,350

  • Panorama Heights:   Culvert and turn-about installation - $15,000

  • Locust Drive:  Addition of 2 grade beams with cement curbs - $23,000

  • Panorama Drive:  Retaining wall repair and berm installation  - $15,000

  • Laurel and Locust Drive:  Asphalt repair and chip sealing - $52,500

  • Y Intersection of Locust and Panorama Dr:  Construction of retaining wall - $20,000

  • Panorama Heights: Overlay large sections of deteriorated roadway with 2.5 inches of new asphalt, rebuilding berms & swales - $15,650

  • Lower Locust Drive:  Build 30 ft. steel I beam concrete wall & curb, asphalt wheel track sunken area, build up swales and berms, reline inlet to culvert - $19,100

Your Road Board

Coming Soon

President: Scott Stern

Bio Coming Soon


Vice President: Ben Shi

Ben moved to the Aldercroft Heights community (Locust Drive) in early 2022 with his wife, Minnie, 18-month-old daughter, Winter, and a golden doodle, Potato. He is a licensed Civil Structural Engineer by profession. The beautiful natural environment is what attracted his family to move here. They enjoy walking around the hills and chilling on their deck when possible. Please stop by to hi if you have a chance. He is happy to meet our lovely neighbors. He would love to make his contribution to help maintain our roads which is why he joined the road board.

Andrew K.jpg

Treasurer: Andrew Kearney

Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Andrew arrived in the Bay Area in 2003 to attend school and has stayed ever since.  He moved to Aldercroft Heights on Upper Locust Drive in 2015 with his wife and two children.  During the week, he works as an engineer in the clean energy sector and on the weekends he enjoys gardening, beekeeping, raising chickens, and growing grapes.  He looks forward to serving the community as a new member and Treasurer of the Road Board. 

Coming Soon

Secretary: Anna Marie Kirkham

Bio Coming Soon


Road Manager: Craig McNew

Bio Coming Soon

Loretta head shot 3.2019.jpg

Bookkeeper: Loretta Gunner

Loretta has been living in Aldercroft Heights with her husband, Frank, since 2006.  They fell in love with 

the area and neighborhood and have enjoyed being active members in the community.   With an H.R. background, Loretta was happy to step into the Bookkeeping role when it became available in June, 2022.   In her off time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and playing with her kitties.   Be sure to wave hi when you see her walking the roads with her good friend, Brigit.

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