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Our Neighborhood

Driving and Exercise Etiquette

  • The posted speed limit is 10mph. Please drive slowly on our narrow and winding roads.

  • If two vehicles meet on a steep road that is too narrow for one to pass, the vehicle traveling uphill has the right-of-way.  The driver traveling downhill has greater control when reversing, so should back up. The uphill driver may concede their right-of-way if they are close to a driveway or pull out, and feel safe to do so, but it is at their own discretion.

  • When cycling on the road, always ride on the same side of the road with traffic, not against.

  • When walking or running on the road, it is best to travel against the traffic. However, on blind corners with little or no shoulder, it is often safer to travel on the outside edge for greater visibility and to avoid being trapped against a hillside or fence.


Animals and Leashes

  • Out of consideration for the safety of your neighbors, please leash all pets during walks and be courteous when encountering other pets during your walks.

  • Please carry bags to dispose of your pet’s poop and discard of it in your own garbage bin, not your neighbor’s!

  • Please be mindful that we live in an area where bobcats and mountain lions roam. You must be careful to protect your animals when leaving them outdoors. 



  • Please be mindful of parking cars on the side of the road to ensure moving vehicles can still pass safely.

  • Use parking spots in your own driveway/on your own property first.  Please check with your neighbors if you anticipate more vehicles at your home that you have spaces (i.e. for a party) and if they will allow you to use some of their spaces.

  • If you are anticipating a delivery or work on your home that may require a large truck and/or partially blocking the main road for a period of time, kindly let your neighbors know in advance if possible or email one of the road board members so they can send out a notice to all neighbors.

Dogs with Dog Walker
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