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Welcome Letter

For those of you who are new, we welcome you as a member of the North Aldercroft Association. Inc., also known as NAA.  The Association is made up of a network of roads including:   Locust Dr, Laurel Dr, Panorama Dr, Panorama Heights Dr, and Sunshine Lane.   We have approximately 60 households in our Association and 250 residents living in our community.


Years ago, as long-time residents can remember, our little community was considered very rural. People came to get away from the city and to enjoy the beauty and privacy of life here on the hill. It was a typical yearly community activity in those days to have work parties in the summer to fill potholes and trim brush. In the winter, when small slides blocked a road, or a culvert clogged up, folks would show up with shovels and pitch in to make repairs.

Though the community has grown in number and changed to full time residents, many of whom are working professionals, we are still a self-reliant group, living on a private road with no assistance from the County, and with a shared love of peaceful living and the beauty of nature. Most of us enjoy the friendly, cooperative spirit of a bygone era, and though we now pay annual dues to a Road Association to hire out much of the road work and tree trimming, are still looking for ways to keep costs down and help out our community when and where we can.

No matter our physical capabilities or time constraints, there is something each of us can do to make living here a little more pleasant for everyone. Probably the best starting place is to “mend your own fences”, as they say. Keeping your property clear of dead trees and brush,  driving slowly and cautiously,  insuring that your cars and vehicles do not block turnouts or road access, and paying your dues on time, are all important issues that affect everyone. Overflowing culverts can wash out a road, so adopting a culvert near you, and keeping it clear during the rainy season, is especially helpful and appreciated. And of course, if your neighbor is out there with a shovel, surely they would appreciate a helping hand.

Your Road Board asks that if you see a problem or one developing, that you either take care of it yourself (if you are able and it is safe to do so), or call or email the Road Manager or a Board Member for assistance. You may also use the “Contact Us” portion of the website to report any of your problems, concerns, or suggestions and the Webmaster will direct your message to the appropriate Board Member(s).

We hope to see you on the road or at the Annual Members Meeting each summer. The Annual Meeting is a great place to meet your neighbors, learn how your Road Dues are being spent, vote on important issues, and offer your opinions and suggestions.

Thank you all. We sincerely hope you enjoy living here as much as we do. 


The North Aldercroft Association, Inc. Road Board

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