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October 2023 Letter from the NAA Board

Dear Neighbors,

We’re starting the new year for the North Aldercroft Association (aka the Road Board) and want to make sure everyone in the neighborhood is fully informed about what’s happening.

Please register or update your account at our website, This will allow you to access links to attend our meetings, view meeting minutes and NAA documents, as well as allow us to mail your invoice, send you important updates, and contact you in an emergency. This only takes a couple minutes.

  • Click here to create your account or update your contact information.

All future communication–except your annual bill–will be through our website, email and WhatsApp. This allows us to get information to you more quickly while saving on cost and volunteer time that we can use to improve the roads.

  • We’ll post updates, meeting announcements & minutes, etc. in the News & Updates section of the website and email them to the membership. An account is required to access this section. If you need a printed copy, please let us know and we’ll try to arrange it.

  • Make sure you’re signed up for the AH groups on WhatsApp. As we saw last winter, this is by far the fastest and easiest way to communicate during emergencies. The sign up links are in the Member Resources section of the site (account required).

Public NAA meetings will be held on October 26, January 25, and April 25 from 8-9pm. These meetings will be online with phone dial-in available. Meeting links will be sent via email prior to the meetings and posted to members-only News & Updates section of the website.

  • The October 26 meeting information can be found here (account required). This meeting will be very important since we’ll discuss the latest options for landslide mitigation. We want to make sure the whole community is involved since this work is complex, expensive, and could even require a special assessment depending on what the community wants to do. To be clear, we have no specific plans for a special assessment at this time but cannot discount the possibility of needing one.

Lastly, winter is coming and there is the potential for storms and additional landslides. Please be considerate of everyone’s safety.

  1. Do not park or store anything on the road or turnouts. Each property owner is responsible for the part of the road that runs through their property. Our deeds all include an access easement for the roads that extends 10ft. from the center of the road. It isn’t always feasible to keep the full width clear, but please don’t leave vehicles for long-term storage, install anything new, etc.

  2. Be respectful and patient with your neighbors. Unlike in a city where roads are serviced by full-time professionals working for the local government, our roads are maintained by your neighbors who volunteer in their spare time between full-time jobs, families, and other commitments. Bad weather, landslides, and road closures are stressful and frustrating for everyone who lives here. These volunteer neighbors do the best they can with limited time, money, and expertise and no one deserves to be treated disrespectfully.

  3. Volunteer. The approximately 65 households that comprise the NAA are on our own with our private roads: there’s no state, county, city or government coming to help. We are fully reliant on volunteers to serve on the Board and help keep our roads safe. If you have input on needed change, consider volunteering to help make that change happen. None of us are more responsible for our roads than any of the rest of us.

  4. Remove any debris from the road as soon as possible. We’re all responsible for keeping the road safe. Please do what you can to ensure any culverts on your property are open and remove any tree branches, dirt, rocks, or other debris as soon as possible. Let us know if you need help.

  5. Pay your dues on time. No one likes paying dues, but your dues actually are simply your proportional share of the annual maintenance costs of the road. If someone doesn’t pay their dues, they’re effectively asking their neighbors to cover the cost of maintaining their property. Dues are also the only source of money we have to pay for the many expensive repairs and improvements needed. Dues are determined by a formula set out in our Bylaws. We’ll be revisiting that formula later this year to make things simpler, clearer, and more fair so please be on the lookout for meeting announcements.

One last thing. Please help us get the message out by forwarding this to your spouse, partner, tenant, or anyone else you think may not have received the email. We want everyone in the neighborhood to be informed and could use your help.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you at a meeting!

The 2023-2024 NAA Board

Andrew Kearney, Anna-Marie Kirkham, Benhang Shi, Craig McNew, Lexi Hutson, Scott Stern

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